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Research experience is one of the most preferred credentials of graduate school applicants. In most cases, PIs will choose a student with good academic standing and research experience over a student with excellent academic standing but with no research experience. Students with research experience tend to adapt to graduate school faster and are a valuable addition to research labs when seeking out graduate students. It is easier for faculty to train students who already have some research experience, enabling valuable contributions from the students at the start of their graduate program. Due to this increasing interest, schools are offering more and more opportunities for their undergraduate senior students to take up research training opportunities, both to add to their CVs and also to develop their interest in science. This also creates opportunities for visiting students to enhance research and to promote their graduate schools. One of such opportunities is the Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP). The VSRP creates opportunities and invite students from outside the host school to engage in new or ongoing research projects in participating labs during the summer break in similar fashions as an internship. The VSRP is an old concept, modernized to encourage research participation, develop interest in science and research, and to promote the respective labs and the graduate schools of the host university. Exposure to the research and facilities during VSRPs can trigger interest in applying to the school for graduate studies.


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Proposed Structure

Most research labs process huge numbers of data sets during their research projects. To ensure a study progress of the research, ViRSP participants can be hired to assist in the collection and processing of the data. Participating labs can structure the project such that majority of the data processing or any other aspects of the research that could use “virspers” assistance will be undertaken during the summer break. Participating students will spend a minimum of 12 weeks working with the lab. The first 3 to 4 weeks will be used to train the students in the various skills needed, and the remaining 8 weeks spent on assisting the lab in the specific research project. To ensure an even wider results out of the ViRSP, preference should be given to out-of-state and international students. Applicants will be expected to cover their own Visa and travel costs, the project will cover processing and accommodation, and the lab will cover stipends throughout their stay. Participants will be housed in an on-campus accommodation facility and will work 40 hours per week at the lab. Eligibility for the project will be students with relevant background and interest, who are in 3rd or final year or just completed (or about to complete) their undergraduate studies. The project will run from Mid-May to Mid-August..



a. Contribution to the research project: the project requires assistance of undergraduate students, and the student participants will gain research experience and get the opportunity to contribute to the project

b. Contribution to other work at the lab: to expand the pool of experience, participants will also be allowed to participate in any other work ongoing at our lab or other labs.

c. Exposure of the Lab and the Lab’s work: students from other parts of the world will be exposed to our lab and see how our lab operates, and also get to contribute to the world of knowledge through the research they complete

d. Exposure of the department, college and the school at large; this VSRP will be a great addition to the efforts in promoting the department, college and school.

e. A higher probability of receiving graduate student applications from the respective schools of the participants: the probability of receiving applications from the participants for graduate school is high, the exposure to the department, the labs, science and research will go a long way in convincing the participants to apply.

f. Contribution to the participants research experience: the students participating in this VSRP will gain research experience, and this significantly increases their chances of gaining admissions into a graduate program.

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