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Application has never been easier;  Simply write a short sentence as a comment on the opportunity. Only the publisher of that opportunity can see your comment.

What is ViRSP?

The Visiting Research Student Platform (ViRSP) is a platform that connects students with research labs for an opportunity to engage in new or ongoing research projects preferably during breaks. The main goal is to promote graduate school applications by improving undergraduate research involvement. As students, we understand that research experience is key to graduate school admissions but we also understand that it is difficult to engage in research as an undergrad due to the heavy course-workload and the required dedication needed to excel. In addition, majority of the high-achieving students who would normally jump on research opportunities work part-time to fund themselves while in school and so they have no time left to commit to research. Students on ViRSP projects will be fully dedicated to the research and that is key to unleashing all the benefits. The ViRSP also exposes the lab and the school to the participants, promoting their research and facilities, and increasing the probability of receiving graduate student applications. Our objective is that students who get to engage in research with specific labs end up applying for graduate studies with those labs. To encourage efficiency of the model, host labs will be expected to pay stipends to the participants and participants will also be expected to cover their own travel expenses.

Why ViRSP?

100% Student Commitment

Without the burden of coursework, students on ViRSP projects can commit all their time and effort towards the research.

Research Appreciation

Students appreciate the value of scientific research and the gratification that comes with it, as ViRSP affords them the opportunity to focus solely on the research without other competing demands.

Attract and Hire

As a lab or a research firm, this will be a great way to vet and hire students or researchers.

To Students

Explore Research Opportunities

Take a chance, apply to engage in a research project outside your school and explore new experiences. ViRSP is a unique opportunity, who knows, you might fall in love with research and secure a graduate school slot whiles at it.  Research skills and experience is key for a successful graduate education. 

To labs/Dept./Sch./Other Institutions

Promote Your Research

ViRSP is not only beneficial for students but also for labs and schools. It helps promote your research and facilities, increasing the probability of receiving graduate student applications from the participants and other potential students from their schools. When you hire a student as a ViRSPer, you get the opportunity to vet them before they apply for graduate positions in your lab.

About ViRSP

ViRSP is a student-led initiative, we understand that research experience is a preferred credentials for graduate school application and so our main aim is to boost successful graduate school applications by creating opportunities for research experiences. The program will also helps participating labs and schools to promote their research and attract more graduate student applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

ViRSP has the simplest application system in existence today. Simply write a short sentence as a comment on the opportunity. Only the publisher of that opportunity can see your comment. (eg: Hello Kaylo lab, I have reviewed your opportunity and I believe I’ll be a great fit, kindly consider my application if the vacancy still exist.)

No, applying for a research opportunity through ViRSP is free.

Most of the research opportunities on ViRSP comes with a monthly stipend. The stipend is expected to cover accommodation, feeding and other expenses while working on the project. You are however expected to cover your own travel and visa fees if applicable.

The proposed timeframe ranges from 12 weeks to 1 year, depending on the lab’s preference. It is highly probable that students who exhibit excellent working behavior and interest in the work of the lab may be considered for a graduate student position or other openings that may be available at the particular lab, or even other labs within that department or school.

Yes. That is the core objective of ViRSP, giving students the opportunity to experience research and have that on their CV even before they graduate from college and apply for graduate school or research involved job opportunities. 

From our founder​

There’s nothing frustrating to my ears than hearing professors complain about the lack of grad school applicants. It is no secrete that only less than 2% of bachelor’s degree recipients enroll in PhD programs, so where is the disconnect? After serving on the recruitment subcommittee of the DEI committee of the School of Biological Sciences for a year, I’ve come to realize that the disconnect is in the lack of interest hugely influenced by the limited exposure of undergraduates to on-going research. And I’m not talking about inviting students to add on to their already heavily loaded schedule when they’re taking courses. Usually, the brightest students are also the ones who are actively engaged in other activities including working to fund their education. If we want to encourage these students to apply to our labs, we have to hire them when they’re free, and use the opportunity to develop their interest and that is what the ViRSP is about.

Desmond Nanayaw Aboagye

PhD Plant Biology Student

Washington State University

Desmond Nanayaw Aboagye

PhD Plant Biology Student

Washington State University

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